The Trail to Philmont, July/August 2020

After six months on the trail to Philmont … we finally got on the trail. In August, we went hiking twice: first a 5-mile day hike on the Monocacy Creek Trail in Bethlehem, Pa., then a more rigorous 5-mile day hike on the Rattlesnake Swamp Trail and Appalachian Trail (AT) in Delaware Water Gap National … Read more

The Trail to Philmont, May 2020

May started with our trip to Philmont being canceled. We moved our reservation to 2021 in the hopes that we’ll be able to travel (and hike) by then. The challenge used to be getting ready for a 60-mile backpacking trip by June; it became staying motivated when that trip is now more than a year … Read more

Radio Active #93: Reset. Renew. Return.

Like an astronaut hurled far into deep space, Nuketown Radio Active returns to Earth a year after it left to find the planet utterly transformed. Fortunately, there are no super-intelligent apes. At least, not yet. On this episode of Nuketown Radio Active, I reintroduce folks to the podcast, catch up on the state of Nuketown, … Read more

The (Extended) Trail to Philmont, April 2020

April was the countdown to the inevitable. We knew mid-month that Philmont Scout Ranch would update their COVID-19 strategy on May 1 and that announcement could mean the end to our 2020 backpacking trek. Throughout April, NeutronLad and I maintained our Philmont routines and started thinking about how we could kick them into higher gear … Read more

Searching for Geek Fitness Blogs

I’m looking for fellow travelers on the road to geek fitness, specifically geeky blogs that talk about fitness or blogs that discuss the intersection of geek culture and getting fit. These don’t need to be hardcore fitness blogs, or blogs only dedicated those two topics. I’m looking for sites like Nuketown, which cover a variety … Read more

To the Couch and Back Again

A view from my morning run.

Three years after I started running, I’m returning to 5K training. Specifically, I’m re-playing Zombies, Run! 5K, which is a couch-to-5K training app that includes — you guessed it — zombies. Zombies, Run! 5K is an 8-week training course meant to take you from a low activity level (the aforementioned couch) to running a 5K. The first … Read more