@NuketownSF: Spider-man Noir, Thrawn, Tenet, X-Men, Zombies!

A recap of NuketownSF’s tweets for the week of January 17, 2021.

COMICS & COFFEE | Spider-man Noir (2008) – It’s 1933 and crime bosses rule New York City as the Great Depression rages. A hero emerges from the shadows in the form of Peter Parker, a young man who gained strange powers after being bitten by a spider.

As fits the noir setting, this version of Peter is more likely to take ethical shortcuts than his modern-day self. There’s not as much Nazi punching as I expected (given Into the Spider-Verse); maybe that shows up in subsequent series.

PODCAST | Camp Monsters by REI – Campfire tales of the cryptids that haunt North America. A fun, spooky, well-done podcast about monsters like Batsquatch, Tahoe Tessie, and the Ozark Howler. REI: Camp Monsters.

BOOKS | Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising – Timothy Zahn returns to Grand Admiral Thrawn’s formative days in the Chiss Ascendency. Politics, art, culture, and war told with Zahn’s typical flair. Random House: Chaos Rising.

COMICS & COFFEE | Marvel Zombies: Resurrection 2 – Peter Parker, the desperate protector of the Richards children – tries to keep his charges alive in a world overrun by Galactus-spawned zombies. A worthwhile return to Marvel’s undead universe.

MOVIES | TENET – Christopher Nolan’s high concept time travel movie wants to be way smarter than it is. Its rules for inverted time seem to only apply when they result in cool special effects or fight sequences. It makes for a good Friday night diversion from the pandemic, but it’s not Nolan’s best (that would be Inception).

COMICS & COFFEE | X-Men 12 – This “Path to X of Swords” issue is packed with world-building, as we learn about the lost land of Arakko, and it’s desperate mutant defenders. The story mixes magic with other world weirdness in a satisfying way. Having read a few issues of X of Swords, this issue is a pivotal one, and a must-buy if you’re delving into that 22-part crossover. #xmen #marvel

MUSIC | Duke (Genesis) – Perhaps the definitive Genesis album of the Collins era, & easily my favorite one. Demonstrates Phil Collins’ vocal range, and the band’s storytelling chops with Duchess & Guide Vocal, as well as their instrumental chops with Duke’s Travels & Duke’s End. Other standouts: Behind the Lines, Man of Our Times, Turn It On Again, and well, pretty much the whole album. Wikipedia: Duke.

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Cover art from X-Men #12. Credit: Marvel.

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