NuketownSF – Banned Books, Tiny Fonts, The Breach, So Much Space News, Missing Cave Dog

Photographs of the zine-style RPG called The Breach

Nuketown social media posts for, well, pretty much Summer 2022. BOOKS | Reason – How Slaughterhouse-Five Became a Repeated Target of Book Burners GAMES | Looper – Tiny Fonts That Almost Ruined Great Games GAMES | The Breach This looks interesting: “a game set in a dystopian retro-future. Inspired by the great science fiction novels of the 70s, The Breach … Read more

NuketownSF – Dragon Age, Fish Lizards, Toxic Ice Cream, Marvel RPG, Lair of Secrets, Galactic Ghosts, Marsquakes

A warrior faces off against a dragon

Nuketown social media posts for April, May, and a good chunk of June 2022. ARCHEOLOGY | CNN – Ancient altar rediscovered in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre Stashing this away for when I return to my Weird Pulp campaign. FICTION | CNN – In new pandemic novel, ‘Station Eleven’ author explores how the apocalypse is always now Potential fodder for … Read more

NuketownSF – Cthulhu Awakens, Saving Sanity, Foundation, Giving Back, Clay-O-Rama

Cthulhu Awakens

Nuketown’s tweets for the weeks of March 7 and March 14, 2022. BOOKS | Wil Wheaton – Still Just a Geek (Twitter thread) RPG | Kickstarter – Cthulhu Awakens Roleplaying Game RETRO GAMES | Ready Player One Replay – Joust TOYS | Nerdist – Back to the Future Delorean Lego Set Includes All Three Film Versions STREAMING | Contrary Brin … Read more

NuketownSF – The One Ring, Abandoned Places, Futurma, Scrappy Starships, Fake Commutes, Summer Reading

A starship against a black sky.

Nuketown’s tweets for the week of February 27, 2022. RPG | Gnome Stew – The One Ring: Roleplaying in the World of the Lord of the Rings Review STREAMING | Deadline Hollywood (retweet) Futurama holdout John DiMaggio has closed a deal to reprise his signature voice role as foul-mouthed robot Bender and an assortment of … Read more

NuketownSF – UFOs, Spider-men, Monsters, Code Girls, Low-Prep Games

Spider-man and Dr. Strange exist a portal

Nuketown’s tweets for the week of February 20, 2022. ASTRONOMY | Ars Technica – New fast radio burst found in area that shouldn’t have any sources RPG | Gnome Stew – Why You Should Try Low-Prep Games In Addition To D&D UFOS | Wired – Jacques Vallée Still Doesn’t Know What UFOs Are RPG | Loot the Room – … Read more

NuketownSF – Futurama Returns, Hybrid Immunity, Zines!, Mario Kart 8 courses, Kelvin Star Trek is Back

The cast of Futurama

Nuketown’s tweets for the week of February 13, 2022. MOVIES |Variety – ‘Star Trek’ Cast, Including Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, Returning for Fourth Film PANDEMIC | Hybrid immunity offers increased protection that is longer-lasting against Covid-19 reinfection, studies show RPG | Swords & Stitchery – Into The Black Market & Playing Space Pirate – Session One … Read more

NuketownSF: Godsend Agenda, Rebel Moon, Glowing Venus, New Wave, Omicron and Immunity, Kenobi

Nuketown’s tweets for the week of February 6, 2022. PODCAST | Lair of Secrets – S2E7 – Godsend Agenda David Moore and I talk with Jerry Grayson about his Kickstarter for the new edition of his Godsend Agenda RPG MOVIES | Variety – ‘Rebel Moon’ First Look: Zack Snyder Debuts Concept Art From His ‘Star … Read more

NuketownSF: Gambit’s Regrets, Football Planet, Mars Ketchup, Astronaut Reviews Movies, Spiral Locks

Nuketown’s tweets for the weeks of … hell, it’s been months since I did one of these posts. Let’s just say it’s been a while. MOVIES | CNN – Channing Tatum says he’s ‘traumatized’ and can’t watch Marvel superhero movies PODCAST | Lair of Secrets – S2E4 Role-Playing Adventure Prep SPACE | CNN – Avoiding the ‘time warp’ of … Read more

NuketownSF: Extragalactic planet, Starliner, Wheel of Time, Pac-Man, Fantasy AGE, COVID Hoax Updates

Two sword wielding human adventurers try to fend off serpentfolk

Nuketown’s tweets for the weeks of October 11 through Oct. 25, 2021. SPACE | CNN – NASA discovers first possible planet outside our galaxy. MOVIES | CNN – Warner Bros. sets ‘Dune’ sequel for 2023 after strong box office opening. The spice must flow, again. SPACE | CNN – Crucial test for Boeing’s Starliner, built to carry humans, … Read more

NuketownSF: Iron Rain, Black Holes, Stellar Fossils, Scarlet Witch, Running Slower, Killing Cursive

A close-up view of the Scarlet Witch, dressed in her signature red wardrobe.

Nuketown’s tweets for the week of October 3, 2021. COMIC BOOKS | Screen Rant – “Why Scarlet Witch Isn’t a Mutant Anymore (and Won’t Be Again)” – I had no idea that Scarlet Witch had been retconned into a human with sorcerous powers (something I discovered while reading the current Trial of Magneto storyline). SPACE | CNN – Planet … Read more