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Nuketown social media posts for April, May, and a good chunk of June 2022.

ARCHEOLOGY | CNN – Ancient altar rediscovered in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre

FICTION | CNN – In new pandemic novel, ‘Station Eleven’ author explores how the apocalypse is always now

  • Potential fodder for my summer reading list.

GAMES | Gizmodo – It’s Time for Dragon Age to Get Its Moment in the Sun Again

  • Played the heck out of the first one, less so the second, and life kept distracting me from the third. All that having been said … I’d love to return to that setting. I’ve got a ton of great memories of blood-splattered dialogue. 🙂

HISTORY | CNN – ‘Fish lizard’ fossils found in Swiss Alps belonged to some of the largest creatures that ever lived

  • “Giant Fish Lizard” sounds like an excellent D&D monster

HOAXES | FactCheck – McDonald’s Ice Cream Isn’t Toxic for Dogs, Contrary to Viral Posts

  • My first Labrador Retriever of my adult life, Madison aka Mad Dog, loved vanilla ice cream (including McDonald’s ice cream). She lived to be 14.

RPG | EN-WORLD – D&D 5E Hasbro Acquires D&D Beyond For $146M

  • I’m curious as to what impact this will have on print+PDF bundles. It’d be super great to be able to buy a book once…

RPG | Marvel – Get a First Look at the New Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game

PODCAST | Lair of Secrets – S2E14 Scum and Villainy Actual Play, Chapter 4

  • The actual play adventure continues!

PODCAST | Lair of Secrets – S2E15 Talking with the Younger Generation

  • On this episode, David and I talk with David’s daughter about her experiencse with Dungeons & Dragons and role-playing.

SPACE | CNN – Hubble spies stellar ‘ghost’ wandering the Milky Way galaxy

  • Some ghosts go bump in the night. Others – like black holes – devour the night … and anything else they encounter.

SPACE | CNN – Hubble identifies unusual wrinkle in expansion rate of the universe

  • Hubble identified “a difference between the expansion rate of the local universe versus that of the distant universe right after the big bang.”

SPACE | CNN – Webb telescope’s massive mirror hit by micrometeoroid

  • Fortunately, the impact on the telescope is minor.

SPACE | CNN – New NASA spacecraft could survive a hellish descent on Venus

  • The spacecraft will do an extensive analysis of the Venesian atmosphere before dropping a probe to the surface. This quote sums up just how hellish the surface of Venus is: If we survive the touchdown at about 25 miles per hour (11 meters/second), we could have up to 17-18 minutes of operations on the surface under ideal conditions.”

SPACE | CNN – NASA’s InSight lander just detected the biggest quake on Mars

  • There’s a whole lot of shaking going on.

TECH | CNN Apple is discontinuing its last iPod model

  • Podcasts have lasted longer than the device that inspired them.

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Artwork from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Credit: Bioware.

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