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A warrior faces off against a dragon

Nuketown social media posts for April, May, and a good chunk of June 2022. ARCHEOLOGY | CNN – Ancient altar rediscovered in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre Stashing this away for when I return to my Weird Pulp campaign. FICTION | CNN – In new pandemic novel, ‘Station Eleven’ author explores how the apocalypse is always now Potential fodder for … Read more

Blogworthy – Spell Names, Failing Spectacularly, Organizing D&D, Savage Star Frontiers

A knight charges out of a dungeon, running down monstrous enemies as he does so.

The many names of spells and how to change them: Tenser’s Floating Disc. Bigby’s Crushing Hand. Mordenkainen’s Mansion. Named spells defined Dungeons & Dragons from its earliest days while hinting at a greater world. Jeremiah McCoy talks about how to bring the magic of such signature arcana to your campaign. If You’re Gonna Fail, Fail Spectacularly: Troy Taylor talks about … Read more

#RPGaDay2018 – How can we get more people playing?

A close up view of the spines of numerous role-playing game books.

For those of us with kids, the answer’s easy: teach them how to play. I started teaching my son and his friends how to play three years ago during our annual summer vacation on Lake Champlain. Two years ago, our gaming group started scheduling “D&D Kids” sessions and running our children through the classic B2 … Read more

Delve into action with Dragon Age Stunts

The dwarven warrior D’klar Ironforge stood on the Deep Roads bridge eying the darkspawn before him. Spittle from the creature’s mongrel face glistened in the reflected light of the lava far below. Covering its black-furred hide were the crudely-arranged castoffs of dwarven chain and planted, while its obsidian-clawed hands held a short sword wet with … Read more

MEPACON Spring 2011 Events: Savage Worlds, Dragon Age, Pandemic

An elven archer, dwarven warrior, and human mage fight off dark spawn.

MEPACon Spring 2011 is being held Friday, April 8 through Sunday, April 10. It’s the 10th anniversary of the convention, and they’re going to be having a special reception Friday night. As always I’m looking forward to the convention, but this time around I’m taking my own advice and only running two RPGs. Given that … Read more

Live your own story with Dragon Age: Origins

A purple-tinged dragon unleashes its breath weapon on a warrior.

The highest compliment I can give Dragons Age: Origins is that everyone who plays it wants to tell me about their character. In a pen-and-paper RPG, that’s a major social faux paus, but with Dragon Age I think it’s a sign of just how into this game people are getting … and how well it’s … Read more

Anticipating Bioware’s Dragon Age

When it comes to western-style Computer RPGs, the single best designers around have to be Bioware. They created the fantastic high magic, D&D-spawned Balder’s Gate, the Star Wars-themed Knights of the Old Republic, the Oriental adventure Jade Empire and the space opera Mass Effect.

This fall they’re returning to their fantasy roots with Dragon Age: Origins, a surprisingly blood-drenched sword-and-sorcery RPG. I say “surprisingly” because although my friends have been talking about it for months, I hadn’t actually gone looking for any of the promotional videos. After being approached about reviewing the game at Nuketown, I decided to go and browse YouTube for Dragon Age: Origins videos, and found a small horde of them.