MEPACON Spring 2011 Events: Savage Worlds, Dragon Age, Pandemic

MEPACon Spring 2011 is being held Friday, April 8 through Sunday, April 10. It’s the 10th anniversary of the convention, and they’re going to be having a special reception Friday night. As always I’m looking forward to the convention, but this time around I’m taking my own advice and only running two RPGs.

Given that this is the spring convention, I’ve decided to give The Day After Ragnarok a rest and instead run a Savage Worlds: Fantasy game. I’ve been itching to run something powered by the Fantasy Companion rules, and this is my chance. I’m also going to be running the Dragon Age RPG, which might, just might be a fantasy genre game my gaming group would like. We’ll see how it goes. Rounding out my set of games is Pandemic, an excellent board game by Z-Man Games.

You can register for these events at the MEPACON site on Warhorn.

RPG28 The Zurnath Horror

  • System: Savage Worlds
  • Time Slot: 2 (Friday, 8-12 a.m.)
  • # of players: 6
  • Beginner friendly?: Yes

Your band of heroes was supposed to prevent the dark elves from summoning the unspeakably evil and alien monstrosity known as the Zurnath in their subterranean vault.

You failed. Now you must escape to the surface to warn your people that the apocalypse is nigh. Doing so means evading dark elf cultists, battling their slave legions, and avoiding the hungry, probing, ever-growing tentacles of the Zurnath. Success gives the surface a chance to rally armies against the darkness. Failure means insanity, death … and the end of the world.

RPG29 The Deep Roads

  • System: Dragon Age RPG
  • Time Slot: 6 (Saturday, 8 p.m.-midnight)
  • # of players: 4
  • Beginner friendly?: Yes

The dwarves of Thedas once ruled a vast underground empire with dozens of cities connected by the Deep Roads. Then came the first Blight and its hordes of darkspawn, which overwhelmed the dwarven defenses and slaughtered millions before the clans made a final stand at the last dwarven city of Orzammar. They sealed themselves off from the Deep Roads, and ended any hope of restoring their empire.

Only a fool would enter the Deep Roads now. Or the lucky. You’re not sure which you are, but you know that you’ll be rich if you can reach the ancient mines outside of Orzammar and recover a cache of long-lost silverite weapons. To that end you’ve come together in a heretical band of clan, clanless and even surfacers to seek out the treasure trove and wrest it from the claws of the darkspawn or die trying.

Note: The Dragon Age RPG is set in the world of computer game, but no knowledge of the game is required to play

TTG6 Pandemic

  • System: Pandemic (Board game)
  • Time Slot: 8 (Sunday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.)
  • # of players: 4
  • Beginner friendly?: Yes

Viruses are set to overrun the world and only a brave team of outbreak specialists from the Centers for Disease Control can stop them! Z-Man Games’ Pandemic is a collaborative board game in which players try and cure four diseases before one of them can infect the entire planet.

Game time runs 1.5 hours per session; we’ll run as many games as time allows.

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