Starship Deck Plans Links Compendium

One of the big differences between running a fantasy campaign and a science fiction campaign is that when playing SF, I find myself constantly looking for starship deckplans.

With a fantasy campaign, many of the maps revolved around buildings, dungeons or overland adventures, and those sorts of maps were easy to knock out over lunch. Failing that, I had plenty of maps from 20+ years of Dungeons & Dragons that I could fall back on.

With my Star Wars campaign though, the adventures are split between world-based exploration and starship- or space station-based combat. Starship based adventures represent perhaps 1/8 to 1/4 of the encounters I run, but when I do run them I often find myself scrambling for deckplans.

The big reason there is that it takes more effort to come up with a rational-seeming starship. A dungeon can be as simple as a series of rooms, but with a starship players always want to know where to find the bridge, engineering, jeffries tubes, etc.

That’s where ready-made deckplans help. The Star Wars rule books (regardless of edition) help with this, as they often feature deckplans for smaller ships, but the place where I consistently come up short is with frigate and larger vessels. I don’t expect anyone to map out the Death Star (though I’m sure somewhere, somehow, someone is working on it) but a few detailed plans of light and heavy cruisers would be helpful.

I’m still searching for those, but over the last few years I have accumulated a goodly number of starship deckplan links.  If you know of a deckplans site that isn’t listed here, please add it in the comments or email me at and I’ll add it to this list.

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