Dragon Age RPG Links Compendium

The Dragon Age Role-Playing Game is a rules-light, fast-playing pen-and-paper game based on Bioware’s computer RPG of the same name. It’s published by Green Ronin. My lunchtime gaming group is currently running through “The Dalish Curse” introductory adventure from Set 1, and I’ve decided to assemble a list of resources for the game.

If you have suggestions please email them to me at nuketown@gmail.com.

Official Sites

  • Dragon Age: Official home page for the game, with news, supplemental PDFs, and product links.
  • Dragon Age on Facebook: Quick updates about the game, including appearances by Chris Pramas, tie-in projects for the game’s AGE system, etc.
  • Dragon Age Forum: The official forums are a good place to go to ask questions, and the best source for updates about the as-yet-un-released Set 3.
  • AGE-related products at RPGNow: Buy Green Ronin’s Dragon Age books and AGE-compatible supplements as well as books published by Kobold Press.


  • Tabletop: Dragon Age, Part 1: Designer Chris Pramas runs Wil Wheaton and friends through a Dragon Age adventure. It’s a funny episode, but also helpful for understanding basic game mechanics.
  • Tabletop: Dragon Age, Part 2: The heroes encounter an ancient tower, and puzzle through the mysteries within.
  • Dragon Age RPG on TABLETOP: Interviews and Gag Reel: Extended interviews with the players and Chris Pramas.
  • Kobold Press: AGE: The Kobold did a solid job of supporting AGE when Kobold Quarterly was a magazine; it still publishes new posts about it in its blog form. They’ve also published AGE-compatible books, like the Midgard Campaign Setting and Midgard Bestiary for AGE System Vol. 1.

Fan Creations

Video Game resources

  • Dragon Age / Bioware: The official home page for the game, currently featuring news about Dragon Age III.
  • Dragon Age / Twitter: The official Twitter feed for the computer RPG.
  • Dragon Age Wiki: A fan-generated wiki chronicling Dragon Age, Dragon Age II, and all of the extra content released for the two games. Pen-and-paper gamers will find it a good resource for background information as well.
  • Dragon Age Codex: Web version of the computer game’s codex. Packed with background information.
  • Dragon Age Journeys: Flash-based, 2D online game that’s reminiscent of Baldur’s gate.
  • Dragon Age Legends: Facebook-based game.
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