Dragon Age RPG Links Compendium

The Dragon Age Role-Playing Game is a rules-light, fast-playing pen-and-paper game based on Bioware’s computer RPG of the same name. It was published by Green Ronin.

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Official Sites


  • Tabletop: Dragon Age, Part 1: Designer Chris Pramas runs Wil Wheaton and friends through a Dragon Age adventure. It’s a funny episode, but also helpful for understanding basic game mechanics.
  • Tabletop: Dragon Age, Part 2: The heroes encounter an ancient tower, and puzzle through the mysteries within.

Video Game Resources

  • Dragon Age: The official home page for the game series,.
  • Dragon Age / X: The official Twitter feed for the computer RPG.
  • Dragon Age Wiki: A fan-generated wiki chronicling Dragon Age, Dragon Age II, and all of the extra content released for the two games. Pen-and-paper gamers will find it a good resource for background information as well.
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