NuketownSF: Extragalactic planet, Starliner, Wheel of Time, Pac-Man, Fantasy AGE, COVID Hoax Updates

Nuketown’s tweets for the weeks of October 11 through Oct. 25, 2021.

SPACE | CNN – NASA discovers first possible planet outside our galaxy.

MOVIES | CNN – Warner Bros. sets ‘Dune’ sequel for 2023 after strong box office opening. The spice must flow, again.

SPACE | CNN – Crucial test for Boeing’s Starliner, built to carry humans, delayed until 2022.

STREAMING | GQ – Inside Wheel of Time, Amazon’s Huge Gamble on the Next Game of Thrones. One of these days, we’ll re-read the entire series (even the middle part, where everyone gets dumb about sharing information and spends way too much mucking about). Before then though, we’ll watch the series.

MOVIES | TOR – What Makes John Carpenter’s The Thing So Effing Scary?.

GAMES | Polygon – Pac-Man 99 is a confusing, seductive blast of strategy. It makes your brain hurt in interesting ways, but it’s also a lot of fun. Definitely worth trying out if you’re a Pac-Man fan with a Switch. Want something a little easier on the brain? That’d be Tetris 99.

HOAXES | CNN – Delta knocks down false report that vaccinated pilot died in-flight

HOAXES | Do COVID-19 Vaccines Change the Color of Human Blood? Spoiler: No, they do not.

GAMES | Green Ronin – Fantasy AGE Core Rule Book Cover Reveal. I enjoyed the AGE game in its initial Dragon Age RPG incarnation, and I’m tempted to pick up the generic fantasy incarnation.

GAMES | Polygon – D&D playtest could hint at a Spelljammer reboot

SPACE | CNN – William Shatner is about to be the oldest person ever blasted into space. Here’s everything you need to know

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Cover art for Green Ronin’s new Fantasy AGE book. Credit: Green Ronin

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