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Nuketown social media posts for, well, pretty much Summer 2022.

BOOKS | Reason – How Slaughterhouse-Five Became a Repeated Target of Book Burners

GAMES | Looper – Tiny Fonts That Almost Ruined Great Games

GAMES | The Breach

  • This looks interesting: “a game set in a dystopian retro-future. Inspired by the great science fiction novels of the 70s, The Breach will catapult you through time and space, to discover infinite parallel worlds, called Paradoxes.”

HOAXES | AP – Painting of children with flag masks was never displayed at the Denver airport

MINDFULNESS | Pocket – Have You Fallen for the Myth of ‘I Can’t Draw’? Do It Anyway—and Reap the Rewards

MINDFULNESS | CNN – Fall asleep faster with mental tricks that calm your racing mind

QUOTE | “It appears that hijinks are the most logical course of action” – Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

SPACE | CNN – New double crater seen on the moon after mystery rocket impact

SPACE | CNN – Perseverance rover has made a friend on Mars

SPACE | CNN – Hubble spies stellar ‘ghost’ wandering the Milky Way galaxy

SPACE | CNN – Parts of the moon may provide stable temperatures for humans, researchers find #space #LunarExploration

SPACE | CNN – US military confirms an interstellar meteor collided with Earth

TV | CNN – Kit Harington is reportedly on board for a Jon Snow ‘Game of Thrones’ spin-off

TV | CNN – ‘Stranger Things’ is ending, but a spinoff is in the works

TRUE STORIES | A missing dog was finally found — 500 feet underground in an intricate cave system

  • And you thought gamers getting lost in steam tunnels was bad…

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Cover art for The Breach role-playing game. Credit: Matteo Sciutteri

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