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Once upon a time, I loved engaging with social media. Back when Web 2.0 was new and new social media services seemed to spawn weekly, my friends and I would jump from service to service, looking for one that fit our needs. Over time, things settled into a predictable pattern – Twitter for engaging with my geeky and professional friends, Facebook for family. Over time though, the nature of these platforms have changed. Back in the day, it was possible to have a friendly, if contentious, public conversation on either platform.

These days, posting to social media feels like trying to light a match in a room soaked with gasoline. Interactions are often hypercharged with emotion, gatekeeping, and/or hostility. Combined with increased family and work responsibilities, I’m far less likely to try and engage in debate with people online; it’s just not worth the energy, and it rarely changes anything.

As a result, my use of social media these days is focused on promoting my work at Nuketown and providing encouragement and support to my far-flung friends. I do that through a handful of sites, most of which are decidedly dinosaur-like in Internet terms.

  • Twitter: NukeHavoc – My personal, geeky Twitter account. Look for geeky updates about books, role-playing games, video games, camping, hiking, and geek-centric exercise.
  • Twitter: NuketownSF – Nuketown’s official Twitter account. Mostly features updates about the site.
  • Facebook: NuketownSF – Nuketown’s official Facebook account. Mostly features updates about the site.
  • Pinterest: NukeHavoc – My personal account, which doubles as the Nuketown account when needed. Mostly I use it to gather inspiration for my various RPG campaigns.
  • Instagram: Nukehavoc – Although Instagram has been around for years, I’ve only just started playing with it as way of promoting the more image-intensive offerings at Nuketown (like my recent bullet journal posts). If I ever do another picture-a-day project, I’ll likely post my images here.

2022 Update: Since 2022, David Moore and I started the Lair of Secrets podcast. It’s supported by the @LairOfSecrets outpost on Twitter, the Lair of Secrets YouTube channel, and a Lair of Secrets Twitch channel

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