NuketownSF – Futurama Returns, Hybrid Immunity, Zines!, Mario Kart 8 courses, Kelvin Star Trek is Back

Nuketown’s tweets for the week of February 13, 2022.

MOVIES |Variety – ‘Star Trek’ Cast, Including Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, Returning for Fourth Film

PANDEMIC | Hybrid immunity offers increased protection that is longer-lasting against Covid-19 reinfection, studies show

RPG | Swords & Stitchery – Into The Black Market & Playing Space Pirate – Session One Report – Cepheus Engine & Stars Without Number

CRYPTO | Dicebreaker – Chaosium scraps future NFT drops for Call of Cthulhu after fan backlash

ZINES | Nuketown – Zine Month 2022

ZINES | Wyrd Science – Zine Month 2022, Part 1

  • Zines discussed include As Gods Demand, The Potato King, Thousand Empty Light, 9 Lives to Valhalla

HISTORY | CNN – How London almost got its own Eiffel Tower

  • Or … “How London narrowly avoided building a demon-summoning antenna that could have destroyed all of England!” #PlotHooks #AltHistory

GAMES | Engadget – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is getting 48 courses from older games as paid DLC

MENTAL HEALTH | Inc. via Pocket – 11 Mental Tricks to Stop Overthinking Everything

SPACE | Engadget – Don’t blame SpaceX for that rocket on a collision course with the Moon

STREAMING | Good news, everyone! Futurama is back! (hat tip Engadget)

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The cast of Futurama. Credit: 20th Century Fox

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