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Nuketown’s tweets for the week of February 20, 2022.

ASTRONOMY | Ars Technica – New fast radio burst found in area that shouldn’t have any sources

RPG | Gnome Stew – Why You Should Try Low-Prep Games In Addition To D&D

UFOS | Wired – Jacques Vallée Still Doesn’t Know What UFOs Are

RPG | Loot the Room – Wordle Hex Map Generation

MOVIES | Spider-Man Movie – of course, we got THE meme. The three men who’ve played Spider-man in the movies recreate the Spider-man pointing meme.

RPG | The Other Side – Monstrous Mondays: The AD&D 2nd Ed Monstrous Compendium (Overview & Review)

BOOKS | Nuketown – Off the Bookshelf: Lost Fleet, Lord of Light, Mountains of Madness

RPG | Tribality – Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse Breakdown, Part 1

BOOKS | Gizmodo – A Detective With a Nose for Murder Smells Trouble in This Excerpt From Station Eternity

CRYPTOGRAPHY | Code Girls: The Women Cryptographers of WWII

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Poster art for Spider-man: No Way Home. Credit: Marvel/Disney.


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