Blogworthy: 5e Skill Challenges, Marvel Multiverse, Fey Realms of Greyhawk, Nuclear Rockets

A bearded man gestures his hands toward the viewer, casting green arcane energy as he does so.

Skill challenges were one of the few things that everyone in my gaming group liked about Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. Thought it had its issues in its initial iteration, Star Wars: Saga Edition further refined the idea, and we used it to great effect. It’s a subsystem I was sad to see missing from 5th Edition, but … Read more

Importing 4E Skill Challenges into Star Wars: Saga Edition

Skill challenges were one of the best things to come out of our D&D 4th Edition playtest.  Building on earlier versions that appeared in Spycraft and Unearthed Arcana, skill challenges provided an in-game mechanic for resolving non-combat conflicts and complex tasks. We used it to handle the exploration a lava tube complex leading to a … Read more

Playtesting D&D 4E Skill Challenges

D&D 4th Edition — particularly the Player’s Handbook — taken a lot of criticism for being 99% crunch, and 1% fluff. It’s also taken hits for the gutting of many of the role-playing aspects from earlier editions, including skills like craft, profession, and perform. All of this is true, but 4E’s saving grace is the … Read more