@NuketownSF: More Zinequest 3, X of Swords, Wanda Vision, FATE Condensed

A recap of NuketownSF’s tweets for the week of February 15, 2021.

ZINEQUEST | HINTERLAND: PEOPLES AND PERILS – As someone running a hexcrawl, this zine – which focuses on wilderness exploration – is highly appealing. It features 19 random encounters & location prompts, which could be very handy when I’m scrambling to prep my lunchtime game. #zinequest3 Hinterland on Kickstarter.

ZINEQUEST | THRU-HIKER – The Thru-Hiker zine is in its final push over at Kickstarter, with stretch goals such as a hiking-themed sticker sheet and the companion publication “The Book of Trails” still possible. #outdoorgeek #zinequest3 Thru-hiker on Kickstarter.

ZINEQUEST | THE VOID OF THRANTAR – A D&D 5e-compatible, post-apocalyptic science fantasy RPG zine. It’s inspired by 1980s Saturday morning cartoons and features creations such as dinobirds, slimeords, technomagic, and more. The Void of Thrantar on Kickstarter.

ZINEQUEST | DRAGONWILDS – A two-part zine dedicated to hex crawling, complete with hex details, dungeons, puzzles, and more. Designed for old-school-style games like Five Torches Deep and Dungeon World. Dragonwilds on Kickstarter.

RPG | FATE CONDENSED – The distilled essence of the FATE Core role-playing game in a slim, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format. Great for gamers who are new to the system or experienced FATE players looking to streamline their game. While it’s available as a PDF, I’m glad I picked up the print version – it makes it so much easier to flip between pages when running a game. #rpg #faterpg #fate FATE Condensed Homepage.

ZINEQUEST | HOPE IS NOT A PLAN – An solo, journaling-style RPG zine about “the existential dread of professional project management”. Given that a big chunk of my day job deals with project management, I can relate to the “dread” part. Hope is Not a Plan on Kickstarter.

TV | WANDAVISION – The slow start and throwback sitcom setup threw some people off, but if you love the Marvel Cinematic Universe this is the show for you. It rewards patient viewers, and if you’re a fan of the comic book Scarlet Witch, you’ll be excited by the show’s possibilities.

ZINEQUEST | THE VAST IN THE DARK – A zine about “The Vast in the Dark – Exploring Ruins in an Infinite World”, it features “brutalist alien flavor”, no prep world generation, and optional horror rules. The Vast in the Dark on Kickstarter

COMICS AND COFFEE | X OF SWORDS – The summer crossover touching every X-title, X OF SWORDS draws inspiration from the under-appreciated Claremont/Davis run on EXCALIBUR in the late 80s. Sword fights! Surprise marriages! Sentient Islands! And, of course, the Captain Britain Corps!

ZINEQUEST | LAST ORDERS! CRAFT ALES FOR FANTASY RPGS – We’ve all been there – the PCs walk into a bar and ask what’s on tap and you say … “umm, beer”. LAST ORDERS! gives you better answers inspired by real-world drinks such as Yawning Porter (dark and dreamy) and Roilfire Rauchbeer (smoked to perfection).Last Orders on Kickstarter.

ZINEQUEST | THE ISLAND OF THE EXCELLENT – A hexcrawl zine promising to go light on lore & heavy on tables & generators. It’s also a one-person, lo-fi zine, which feels very much in keeping the history of the zine scene. The Island of the Excellent on Kickstarter.

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Cover art from the Sword of X series. Credit: Marvel.

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