The Ruins of New York: Jason Freewalker

 The Day After RagnarokJason Freewalker is a second-generation lawman, his father having become a Texas Ranger just after Serpentfall. In the early days after Serpentfall, he rode with his father, battling scaly monsters crawled out of the Rio Grande to drink the blood of children and the Serpent cults arose from the Gulf looking to spawn realms of madness.

He’s been riding and shooting since he could walk, and he’s wanted nothing more or less than to walk in his father’s footsteps. Tragically, he’s done just that; the year he became a Ranger, his father died at his side, fighting an infestation of ghouls in Houston. He now proudly wields his father’s gun – a pearl-inlaid, silver-gilded Colt .45 – and wears his steel-toed, Serpent-skinned boots (their skin being about the only good thing to come out of those Fallspawn).

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The Ruins of New York: Coromir

Coromir is a modern barbarian. Born outside of Pittsburgh, as a teenager his family was slaughtered by the Black River Cult. He barely escaped the culling, and spent the next few years living on his own in the wilderness of western Pennsylvania. He swore an oath to avenge his family’s death, and when he was 19, he succeeded in finding and killing the naga behind the cult.

His desire for revenge was not sated however, and rather than return to civilization, he pledge his life to hunting abominations. His travels have taken him throughout the ruins of the United States. He has been consistently disappointed with the people he’s found there, cowardly, manipulative bastards all too eager to pay someone else to solve their problems, obsessed with returning to the Old Ways. As though technology can save them. As though a gun can help you when you’ve used up the last of your precious bullets.

He’s taken their silver and beer … but he’s refused to live with them.

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The Ruins of New York: Jules Drake

Jules Drake is the epitome of the dashing rocketeer; brave to the point of reckless, utterly loyal to the cause and his cohorts and unwilling to back down in the face of danger.

He’s been extraordinarily successful in his endeavors, fighting for king and country and doing his part to ensure that the British Empire survives in the shadow of the Serpent. As such, Jules has often been tasked with special operations teams directed by MI6, and is on permanent loan to that agency.

Jules believes in getting the job done, and isn’t overly concerned with how the regulations say it should be done. He counts on his abilities to cover any shortcomings that might be in a given plan. This confidence has served him well, but it’s only a matter of time before his reach exceeds his grasp.

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