MEPACon Fall 2010 Events: Star Wars, Ragnarok, and Pathfinder

My events for MEPACon Fall 2010 are up and ready for registration on Warhorn. The convention is being held Friday, 11/12/10 through Sunday, 11/14/10 at the Ramada Clarks Summit in Clarks Summit, PA. I’ll be running three events — “Catch and Release” (Star Wars: Saga Edition), “The Champions of New York” (The Day After Ragnarok), and “The Rise of the Ur-Flan”.

Star Wars: Catch and Release

  • System: Star Wars: Saga Edition
  • Time Slot: Friday Night
  • # of Players: 6
  • Beginner friendly?: Yes

It is a time of turmoil for the galaxy! In a brash and daring move, Galactic Alliance Fleet Admiral Stazi launched a raid on the Sith Empire’s shipyards at Mon Calamari homeworld of Dac, seizing control of the Sith’s new Advanced Star Destroyer Imperious. Enraged by Mon Calamari collaboration in the attack, Emperor Darth Krayt declared the species enemies of the empire and forced them into labor camps to work until they die. The still outgunned Galactic Alliance is hard-pressed to respond to the Sith atrocities but they dispatch agents to liberate Mon Calamari whenever possible.

The crew of the tramp freighter Startide are among these. Captained by Toknesh Abkbar, great-great-nephew of the legendary admiral, the Startide has been tasked with intercepting the commercial cargo ship Dark Nebula. The Nebula is transporting Mon Calamari slaves to the Deep Core foundry world of Odik II, and the lightly armed and armored ship is the perfect target for the resurgent alliance… A Star Wars: Legacy Era adventure. Characters provided.

Pathfinder: The Rising Temple of the Ur-Flan

  • System: Pathfinder RPG
  • Time Slot: Saturday afternoon
  • # of Players: 6
  • Beginner friendly?: Yes

A foul wind blows from the south, carrying with it the scourge of the Ur-Flan. A thousand years before the Twin Cataclysms ended the Age of Glory, these masters of life and unlife are carving out an empire in the Flanaess. They’ve dispatched their minions to capture slaves from the Wolf and Tiger Nomads in order to construct the Temple of Eternal Night. Once completed, the immense pyramid will allow them to dominate the Great North for generations.

The barbarians are not about to go quietly. The tribal elders have assembled a band of heroes to defeat the pyramid’s builder, the dark druid Kurlan, and turn back the ur-Flan threat. A World of Greyhawk adventure. Characters provided.

Savage Worlds: The Champions of New York

  • System: Savage Worlds / The Day After Ragnarok
  • Time Slot: Saturday evening
  • # of players: 6
  • Beginner friendly?: Yes
  1. Lake Champlain, New York. Four years since the eastern seaboard of the United States was downed under the 200-foot tidal wave caused by the death of the Midgard serpent, summoned by the Nazis, slain by an American atomic bomb.

The militias of Mayors of Burlington and Plattsburgh vie for control of the countryside while the pirates of South Hero Island raid lake traffic from Rouses Point in Canada down to the ruins of Fort Ticonderoga.

Crashing into the middle of this mess is the Spry Goose, a flying boat carrying a cargo of Viking artifacts from Nova Scotia to Memphis. Now Derrick Pitt and his team of American freelancers must recover the artifacts before the locals loot them while simultaneously fending off Champlain’s infamous lake monsters. A Day After Ragnarok adventure. Characters provided.

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