New Releases Bolster The Day After Ragnarok

The apocalypse is back on. Ken Hite’s The Day After Ragnarok is a campaign setting for Savage Worlds and Hero System that in which the Nazis’ managed to summon the Midgard Serpent in the waning days of World War II, only to see the Americans slay it with a nuclear bomb.

The original campaign book, a slender folio edition that matched the format of the Savage Worlds Explorer Edition, was released in 2009 and saw a flurry of updates shortly there after, but updates have been few and far between since then.

Thankfully the long drought is over. Atomic Overmind’s released two sets of figure flats for the game (essentially printable miniatures): Set 1: Behind the Serpent Curtain, which includes Soviet-themed sheet including the Red Army, the NKVD, and Stalin’s apemen, and Set 2: Forces of Oppression, which includes the Japanese Army, Nazis, and the Klan.

Even better have been the One Sheets. These are double-sided, one-sheet adventures written by freelancers that still manage to capture the flavor of Ken Hite’s “Conan 1948” setting. Recent one sheets include:

  • Something Fishy: Investigate a Japanese base in the South Pacific before a volcano blows.
  • Raise a Glass: An adventure involving a small town in the Poisoned Lands.
  • Any Port In A Storm: Heroes must evade a Japenese commerce raider.
  • Wheels-Up Landing: Any landing you can walk away from is a good one. Repairing the plane is another matter.
  • Hollerin Pines: Something strange is going on in the woods.

They’re also working on a FATE edition of Ragnarok, which is very cool (even though I doubt I’ll ever have a chance to run it).

It’s great to see. My own Day After Ragnork lunchtime game recently returned from a Dragon Age-inspired hiatus, and while I haven’t had an opportunity to use any of the One Sheets I’ve got them loaded up on my iPad in case an opportunity comes up.

What I’m really, really hoping for is Memphis – Gateway to the Poisoned Lands. It’s a source book for the Poisoned Lands, and it sounds like it could be fantastic. Unfortunately it’s dependent on Ken Hite’s schedule so it’s been pushed back numerous times. Still … a geek can home.

All of these titles are available through RPGNow.

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