RPG A Day 2022 – Past, Present or Future? When is your favorite game set?

Map of Greyhawk

For this post, I’m going to substitute “game” for “campaign”. My all-time favorite campaign is also my longest-running: The Blackrazor Guild Campaign for various editions of Dungeons & Dragons. Set in the World of Greyhawk, the initial campaign kicked off in 1996 and started in the Common Year 586 … which at the time was Greyhawk’s … Read more

#RPGaDay2018 – Describe the best compliment you’ve had while gaming

A close up view of the spines of numerous role-playing game books.

“Good game.” I can’t point to one particular compliment that stands out from all the others, but any time we have a great session and someone goes out of their way to say “good game”, I appreciate it. A great example of such sessions are “Terror in the Woods” and “Strange Thunder”, two episodes from … Read more

#RPGaDay2018 – Describe your plans for your next game

A close up view of the spines of numerous role-playing game books.

I’m contemplating a return to lunchtime gaming. It’s been on hiatus for quite a while do to an overwhelming lack of time, but I miss it and so do the rest of the Gamer Working Group. As a brief re-cap, the Gamer Working Group consists of a few RPG players at my day job and one … Read more

#RPGaDay2018 – What gives an RPG staying power?

A close up view of the spines of numerous role-playing game books.

Imagination + good rules + group buy-in. Those are the elements that fueled our longest running games, even if the campaigns the RPGs were powering jumped from ruleset to ruleset. Our Blackrazor Guild campaign, now in its second decade, has seen numerous prequels, sequels, and spin-offs. It’s been run using Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, … Read more

#RPGaDay2018 – What do you love about RPGs?

A close up view of the spines of numerous role-playing game books.

The thing I love most about role-playing games is how they force my brain into creative, collaborative, and improvisational modes. RPGs in all of their forms are dynamic. The constantly changing circumstances forces players to think on their feet. While this is true for everyone at the table, it’s particularly true for game masters. As … Read more

The Lost Continents and Ancient Magic of Weird Pulp

A map of the lost continent of Mu, indicating that it is in the Pacific Ocean.

“Occult Mysteries and Magic”, is topic of the May 2017 RPG Blog Carnival. Although my gaming group has been playing Dungeons & Dragons for decades, a game that has magic as one of its corner stones, we rarely delved into mysteries of the arcane. To be sure, there was ancient magic hidden in Greyhawk’s history, … Read more

Geeky Christmas Vacation 2014

Oversized dice with dungeon maps on them sit atop an RPG manual. Nearby is a stack of comic books.

Christmas Vacation is finally here. After long days and longer nights of working to make sure everything got done before I left the office, it’s Christmas Eve, the college is closed, and I think I can relax. I’m off from December 24 through January 4, and we’ve got all manner of family fun planned, including watching Guardians of the Galaxy with my parents (something the kids are eager to do) and some family skiing (which I’m eager to do).

Game Day: The Weird Pulp Website

A tentacled horror emerges from a well. A male hero is caught by tentacles while another male hero shoots a gun at the monster. Further afield, a female investigator casts a spell against the creature.

I’ve been creating campaign websites for most of the Blackrazor Guild websites since 1996. We have an extensive wiki for our Greyhawk campaign and experimented with blogs for our Mutants & Masterminds and Star Wars campaigns. Blogs had been difficult to use because they’re oriented more towards serial writing and less about publishing (and extensively … Read more