#RPGaDay2018 – Describe the best compliment you’ve had while gaming

“Good game.”

I can’t point to one particular compliment that stands out from all the others, but any time we have a great session and someone goes out of their way to say “good game”, I appreciate it.

A great example of such sessions are “Terror in the Woods” and “Strange Thunder”, two episodes from our Weird Pulp campaign. It’s chronicled fully in my Game Day write-up “One Hell of a Session”, but to briefly sum up it featured the Wardens — the player character investigators — going up against a Dark Young in upstate New York.

They were was classic pulp, classic Savage Worlds, and really, just classic nights of gaming. This quote sums it up:

Yeah, it was a hell of a session, the sort of session that you look back on and say this is why we’re gamers. This is worth the hours of game prep, the long drives of the players, and Diet Coke-fueled late nights. This is why, after nearly eighteen years, I still love gaming with these guys, and why I’ll be back in two weeks for Episode 11. — “Game Day: One Hell of a Session”

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