Invoking the Elemental Apocalypse

A collection of Dungeons and Dragons rule books, as well as a black notebook with a dragon logo.

Twenty years ago, the Temple of Elemental Evil rose, Oerth fell, and the Elemental Apocalypse began. Vortexes of power – unleashed by factions loyal to the four elemental princes – devastated the world with concurrent apocalypses; city-shattering earthquakes, nation-drowning tidal waves, forest-consuming infernos, and punishing hurricanes. Gods died, slain by the ascendent Elemental Princes who … Read more

RPG A Day 2022 – Past, Present or Future? When is your favorite game set?

Map of Greyhawk

For this post, I’m going to substitute “game” for “campaign”. My all-time favorite campaign is also my longest-running: The Blackrazor Guild Campaign for various editions of Dungeons & Dragons. Set in the World of Greyhawk, the initial campaign kicked off in 1996 and started in the Common Year 586 … which at the time was Greyhawk’s … Read more

Game Day: Setting Sail for Saltmarsh

Adventurers battle an aquatic humanoid while a giant octopus attacks a sailing ship in the background.

My gaming group’s preferred campaign setting is the World of Greyhawk. We adventured there for years with our Blackrazor Guild campaign, but while we’ve walked (and been kicked off of) the streets of Greyhawk, battled the humanoid invaders of the Pomarj, and sailed the waters of the Vohoun Ocean, there’s plenty of Greyhawk we’ve haven’t seen. This is … Read more

#RPGaDay2018 – Share something you learned about playing your character

A close up view of the spines of numerous role-playing game books.

As I’ve gotten older, I think the characters I’ve enjoyed the most are the ones who’ve grown organically during the game, becoming something I didn’t quite expect when I sat down at the table. Briggs Foehammer: I expected my character for our Heart of Darkness online campaign to be a paragon of the new dwarven … Read more