#RPGaDay2018 – Share something you learned about playing your character

As I’ve gotten older, I think the characters I’ve enjoyed the most are the ones who’ve grown organically during the game, becoming something I didn’t quite expect when I sat down at the table.

Briggs Foehammer: I expected my character for our Heart of Darkness online campaign to be a paragon of the new dwarven empire in the World of Greyhawk and a battlemage of the first order. Instead, her quest for arcane power has taken a back seat to recovering her lost memories — and fractured soul.

Telthanas: This half-eleven scholar/rogue began our Obsidian Frontier campaign as the put-upon scribe of the Griffins Guild who was compelled to read and file other people’s adventure reports instead of venturing into the field himself. He went along on a few adventures as an NPC rogue, but when I finally got to play him as a full PC in someone else’s adventure I was surprised at how effective he could be

Odothar Bronzearm: I created Odo, a human battlemaster, because I wanted to play a crunchy character with interesting rules that wasn’t a wizard. The 5th Edition fighter archetype “battlemaster” did exactly that, perfectly complementing the “protector” role I wanted for Odothar. As a character, Odo has become only more Odo like, always leading the fight, always diving back to save a friend, and always protecting the weak. As his character concept has become even more focused on protection, I learned that I loved leaning into this concept. I’m enjoying it far more than I expected.

Forceful Truth: My blunt and tactless monk taught me how much fun it is to play a character with a 5 Charisma (hopefully without needlessly annoying my fellow players).


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