#RPGaDay2018 – Share a friendship you’ve had because of RPGs

My gaming group, the Blackrazor Guild.

Over the last 22 years we’ve fought demons, slain dragons, burned down a city (not on purpose), and accidentally let demons invade our hometown (also not on purpose). We’ve also gotten married and had kids. A few of us have gotten divorced and married again. We’ve dealt with health scares and family emergencies. We’ve bought houses, sold houses, and bought new ones (with Blackrazors pitching in to help move each time). Folks have moved on and moved away — most keep in touch — but the group remains.

Heck, we’re even playing Dungeons & Dragons with our kids now.

The Blackrazors have been tremendous friends, the sort that helps you move furniture and dig up bodies (the latter only in Call of Cthulhu of course). Here’s to hoping we’re still slinging dice together in another 20 years.

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