#RPGaDay2018 – Share why you participate in RPG-A-DAY

There were a couple of reasons.

  • Re-establish a writing routine: New content’s been spotty on Nuketown for the last couple of months. A big reason for my participation was getting back into the groove of writing every day. I don’t know if I’ll keep it up in September, but I accomplished my goal of posting more regularly.
  • Reconnect with the RPG community: I’ve been working on this goal ever since the new Nuketown launched in November 2017, mostly through RPG Blog Carnival entries. #RPGaDay2018 gave me the chance to do more of the same, but with a different group of people.
  • Increase traffic to Nuketown: This was a lesser goal — Nuketown’s never been a high traffic site and I doubt it ever will be — but it’s nice to get a few more eyeballs looking at the site. On that front it succeeded modestly – #RPGaDay posts drew a total of 169 unique page views in August 2018. Overall traffic to the website was up 46% over July 2018 (from 1,641 unique page views to 2,401 unique page views) and 18% over the same period in August 2017 (2,031 unique page views vs. 2,401 unique page views). I can’t ascribe all the increased traffic to #RPGaDay, but it certainly helped.
  • It’s fun: I enjoyed #RPGaDay2017 last year and knew I wanted to do it again in 2018. It’s a fun exercise that encourages you to think about the hobby in different ways and reflect on your experiences. It makes for some good posts and lets you revisit fond memories.
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