#RPGaDay 2018 – Wildest character name?

It’s a toss up between Forceful Truth and Zilanderan … but I want to write about Zilanderan for “Wildest Character Concept” for Day 12 so Forceful Truth it is.

A few years ago another player in my lunchtime gaming group took on the dungeon mastering role because he wanted to try out a still-mystifying Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign concept that he’d been working on. The basic idea was that the players and characters knew very little about their world. In-game facts were revealed as we played and the sessions heavily leveraged flashbacks and flashforwards. It was an interesting experiment that let me create my first (and only) lunchtime gaming character: Forceful Truth.

For this campaign we went old school and rolled our stats. I ended up with decent Dexterity (16), Constitution (15) and Wisdom (16) scores and average strength (10) and intelligence (10) scores.

My dump stat was Charisma … and it was a 5. I wrestled with how to manifest this stat and in the end decided that my character was a monk who’d spent his entire life contemplating and mastering the mysteries of the universe. He understood truth … and he was going to beat that truth into as many people as possible using his fists.

Thus … the birth of Forceful Truth. He was a ton of fun to play and I’d love to return to the character. The campaign is on indefinite hiatus, but I may resurrect the concept if I need to roll up a new character for my regular Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

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