Fire Emblem Engage

A view of the hero of Fire Emblem Engage, with a snow-covered battlefield in the background.

Fire Emblem Engage is a straightforward entry in the long-running strategy skirmish series. It leans heavily into nostalgia for earlier releases, and eschews the branching storylines of recent entries (Three Houses for Switch and Birthright for the 3DS) in favor of a linear story. As with its predecessors, Engage puts you in control of a … Read more

Radio Active #102: Game-o-Rama

A cyberpunk character in a stylized leather jacket. The words Cyberpunk 2077 appear below the character

On this episode of Nuketown Radio Active, I emerge from my winter hibernation to talk about the video games and role-playing games I’m playing (or plan on playing). I talk about the ongoing Ready Player One Replay and my plans to attend GenCon in August 2023. Nuketown News Heading to GenCon in 2023! Haven’t been … Read more

Radio Active #94: Keep Calm and Geek On

Welcome to 2021, the year in which we try to release more than one episode every 12 months. On this episode of Radio Active, I talk about life during the COVID-19 pandemic, delve into using exercise and meditation to stay calm, and then geek out with the Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossings: New Horizons, Roll for … Read more

@NuketownSF: Guardians of the Galaxy, Stellaris, WW84, Immortal She-Hulk

A recap of NuketownSF’s tweets for the week of January 10, 2021. COMICS & COFFEE | Guardians of the Galaxy 1 (2020) – Corrupted, power-mad Greek Gods from another universe invaded our galaxy; it’s up to Nova, Peter Quill, and the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop them. GAMES | STELLARIS – Compelling 4X space … Read more

Under the Geek Tree 2020

This year, in addition to enough new geeky ornaments to push the tree over its carrying capacity, the Geek Tree’s skirt gathered several new pen-and-paper role-playing games as well as their video game kin. On the video game front, I got Spider-man: Miles Morales for PlayStation 4 (Sony | |Amazon). The game builds on the … Read more

Game Day: Sofabound

A role-playing game book lays next to a red Nintendo 3DS portable game console. Other RPG source books can be seen beneath the objects.

My broken ankle has forced to spend far more time on the sofa than I’d like, canceling one real-world game day and threatening others. Instead rolling dice in the real world, I’ve fallen back on my plethora of mobile devices and pen-and-paper games for my gaming fix. With Dragon Quest IX finished, Fire Emblem Fates – Birthright ( Amazon / Website) … Read more