Game Day: Sofabound

A role-playing game book lays next to a red Nintendo 3DS portable game console. Other RPG source books can be seen beneath the objects.

My broken ankle has forced to spend far more time on the sofa than I’d like, canceling one real-world game day and threatening others. Instead rolling dice in the real world, I’ve fallen back on my plethora of mobile devices and pen-and-paper games for my gaming fix. With Dragon Quest IX finished, Fire Emblem Fates – Birthright ( Amazon / Website) … Read more

First Impressions: Innsmouth Horror Expansion

The Innsmouth Horror expansion for Arkham Horror showed up under the Geek Tree this holiday season, and the day after Christmas some friends and I broke it out for a Saturday afternoon horrorfest. It’s an impressive expansion. Unlike our last expansion, The Black Goat of the Woods, this one is a full expansion with its own sideboard … Read more

Under the Geek Tree: Innsmouth Horror

The Innsmouth Horror expansion for Arkham Horror — my Birthday/Christmas present from my family — arrived today. It’s taken up its place of honor underneath the Greek Tree, where it will remain until Saturday, Dec. 26 when the Blackrazors convene to repel the Deep One invasion that threatens to rock New England. Naturally, we intend … Read more

Game Day: Return to Arkham

The biggest box under the Geek Tree this year belonged to Arkham Horror, a board game I’ve wanted ever since my friend (and fellow Blackrazor) Lance got it a few years back. We cracked it open for Friday’s Game Day; there were only three of us to face the horrors of Shub-Niggurath because of the … Read more

Radio Active #34: Arkham Horror, Contrary Brin, Mutants & Masterminds Character Generator

Radio Active gets its first guest as Lance Miller of Ditlog: Day in the Life of a Gamer joins me to review Arkham Horror, the Lovecraftian-inspired board game from Fantasy Flight Games. The “Sites of Note” segment returns with thoughts on science fiction writer David Brin’s post ” The Illusion of Public ‘Panic’… and the … Read more