Game Day: Sofabound

A role-playing game book lays next to a red Nintendo 3DS portable game console. Other RPG source books can be seen beneath the objects.

My broken ankle has forced to spend far more time on the sofa than I’d like, canceling one real-world game day and threatening others. Instead rolling dice in the real world, I’ve fallen back on my plethora of mobile devices and pen-and-paper games for my gaming fix. With Dragon Quest IX finished, Fire Emblem Fates – Birthright ( Amazon / Website) … Read more

Installing external hard drives for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

A close-up of the original Xbox One console.

At this point, extra storage for game consoles may be almost as critical on Christmas morning as fully charged AA batteries. With modern games taking up a ridiculous amount of space on your typical console it’s all too easy to fill up a 500 GB hard drive … and not realize it until Santa’s already deposited … Read more