Installing external hard drives for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

A close-up of the original Xbox One console.

At this point, extra storage for game consoles may be almost as critical on Christmas morning as fully charged AA batteries. With modern games taking up a ridiculous amount of space on your typical console it’s all too easy to fill up a 500 GB hard drive … and not realize it until Santa’s already deposited … Read more

Surviving Fallout 4

A power suited warrior explores a radioactive wasteland. A second warrior appears off to the right.

I played Fallout 4, beat the main quest, and had a pretty good time doing it. Then I went back and tried the hardcore “Survival Mode” … and had a frustratingly awesome time,.

Like the other games in the franchise, Fallout 4 takes place in a nuclear wasteland centuries after a massive war on an alternate Earth whose design aesthetic is stuck in the Atomic Age. This time around the wasteland is Boston and its environs, and you’re playing a vault dweller who’d been in cryogenic sleep for centuries.

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Debugging the Xbox One Spontaneous Shutoff

My family’s big Christmas present this year was an Xbox One. The kids and I are loving it — I’m battling my way through the Halo: Master Chiefedition, and the kids are questing for the Lonely Mountain in LEGO: The Hobbit. Unfortunately while Halo looks great and the voice controls are very 21st century, the damn thing unexpectedly turns … Read more