Debugging the Xbox One Spontaneous Shutoff

My family’s big Christmas present this year was an Xbox One. The kids and I are loving it — I’m battling my way through the Halo: Master Chiefedition, and the kids are questing for the Lonely Mountain in LEGO: The Hobbit.

Unfortunately while Halo looks great and the voice controls are very 21st century, the damn thing unexpectedly turns itself off for no apparent reason. No overheating warnings, no next generation Red Ring of Death, no debug on restart telling me something bad happened.

I’ll be playing the Xbox One for an hour or two and suddenly it will just shut down. The controller loses its connection to the Xbox, and the entire console shuts down. Voice commands don’t work, and the power indicator is off. The power supply is cool to the touch; nothing feels like it’s overheating. When I turn it on again, the Xbox One boots normally.

Apparently, I’m not the only one experiencing this problem:

And here’s a guy who shot a video of his Xbox turning itself off. Mine behaves exactly the same as his — it’s perfectly fine one minute, the next it’s randomly turned itself off.

I’ve tried the suggestions given in the thread. I disabled the auto-off feature. No dice.

I powered the Xbox One down, unplugged the power supply, let it sit for a minute, then powered the console on again. No dice.

Unfortunately at this point I think I need to return the Xbox One to Best Buy and start over again. That sucks, given that it requires a few hours to install all of our games to the hard drive, but it’s far too early in this console’s life for this sort of thing to be happening

Update 3/9/2017

My solution to the problem? Return the Xbox. I brought it back to Best Buy, they gave me a new Xbox One, and it’s worked perfectly ever since.

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