Radio Active #102: Game-o-Rama

On this episode of Nuketown Radio Active, I emerge from my winter hibernation to talk about the video games and role-playing games I’m playing (or plan on playing). I talk about the ongoing Ready Player One Replay and my plans to attend GenCon in August 2023.

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Game-o-Rama: Video & role-playing games I’m playing

  • Video Games
    • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands on PS4 and PS5
      • Borderlands … but with a Dungeons & Dragons skin (sorry, Bunkers and Badasses). Tiny Tina’s the game master, and you’re one of her players. But will she ever let you leave the table?
      • Finished the main story; it was a happy distraction.
    • Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5
      • Started playing 0n Steam via Nvidia’s streaming desktop service, GeForce Now.
      • Turns out, I’m pretty bad at FPS on a desktop computer.
      • Picked it up cheap on PS5 … and still struggled to get into it.
      • Requires a significant time investment to get emotionally connected to the game, but once you do … whoa.
      • The Nomad storyline was great and the game gives you a lot of opportunities to make small (and maybe large?) differences in the world.
    • Fire Emblem: Engage on Switch
      • More of the same Fire Emblem, though this time around we get an “engage” mechanic which lets you merge characters with spirit warriors bound to magic rings.
      • On the back burner right now as I play other games. Fire Emblem’s something I need to be in the mood for; but once I’m in the mood, I’ll likely lose a lot of sleep.
    • Pinball FX3 on Switch
      • Indiana Jones Pinball
      • Aliens Pinball
      • Creature from the Black Lagoon Pinball
    • GoldenEye on Switch
      • Finally … now if only I could map my brain to the control
    • Breath of the Wild on Switch
      • I started playing and never got off the plateau. The kids just got Tears of the Kingdom, so I figured I’d pick it up again.
  • Role-Playing Games
    • Ironsworn: Starforged
      • My Lair of Secrets friends got into this game and pulled me in along with them. A Powered by the Apocalypse game with a ton of moves (far more than a traditional PbtA game) set in the future where you decide why your civilization fled its home galaxy.
      • Playable in solo, co-op, or guided mode.
      • Got it in part to learn about oracles. Also, the solo aspect is appealing.
    • Cyberpunk RED
      • Gearing up for the next season of role-playing at Lair of Secrets.
      • I’ll be running a 6-8 episode Cyberpunk RED campaign set in Night City.
      • It’s an old-school, crunchy game, but ran pretty well in our playtests.
      • Taking a while to get off the ground because of myriad family commitments, but we’re getting there.
      • And it inspired me to go back and read William Gibson’s The Sprawl trilogy.
    • CY_BORG
      • Mork Borg … but with cyberware.
      • Just as over-the-top artwork as its predecessor.
      • Doubt I’ll ever run it, but it provides inspiration for Cyberpunk RED. Lots of great charts.
    • Elemental Apocalypse
      • My first new D&D campaign in years.
      • The Temple of Elemental Evil rose … and Greyhawk fell.
      • 20 years later, our heroes are some of the last free people on the planet … and they’re ready to take the fight to their elemental overlords.

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