Getting Ready for Puppy “F”

A Golden Retriever puppy sleeps with his head on a yellow Labrador Retriever

My family started raising Seeing Eye puppies in 2014. We get the pups when they’re seven weeks old and then spend a year teaching them basic obedience and socialization. They go back to the Seeing Eye at around 14-16 months old, where they get a physical and (hopefully) complete their training to become guide dogs … Read more

Radio Active #90: Outdoor Geek

A middle-aged man (Ken Newquist) gives the thumbs up from a snow covered tent

On this episode of Nuketown Radio Active I celebrate Nuketown’s re-ignition, meet Bob the Seeing Eye Puppy and talk about my evolution into a geek who loves the outdoors. I also  ruminate on three games I’m playing now: Destiny 2: A massively multiplayer first-person shooter by the creators of Halo. Skyrim: Special Edition: An open world sandbox game set … Read more

What about Bob?

A black-and-tan male German Shepherd Dog takes a nap.

Bob, our newest Seeing Eye puppy, arrived today. He’s an eight-week-old, black-and-tan German Shepherd Dog. He’s a pudgy little thing whose floppy ears haven’t figured out how to stand up yet (unlike Olaf, our previous German Shepherd for the Seeing Eye, who came with his ears pointing skyward). He’s damn cute. Not quite as cute as Hank, … Read more

Radio Active #87: The Show Awakens

A photo of a yellow Labrador puppy looking at the camera. A river flows in the background.

After slumbering for four years, Nuketown Radio Active returns to find a world transformed. In this show I’ll get up to speed on what’s changed around the ol’thermonuclear burg, and what you can expect to see in the future. I talk about the role-playing games and video games I’m currently playing, and introduce the audience … Read more

Meet Hank

A small puppy sleeps curled up against a cloth bacon chew toy. The puppy is a yellow Labrador retriever/golden retriever mix.

Meet Hank. He’s a Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever mix that my family and I are raising as part of the Seeing Eye’s Puppy Raising program. The Seeing Eye is a non-profit organization that breeds, raises, and trains puppies to serve as guide dogs for the blind and visually impaired. We got Hank when he was just … Read more