Getting Ready for Puppy “F”

My family started raising Seeing Eye puppies in 2014. We get the pups when they’re seven weeks old and then spend a year teaching them basic obedience and socialization. They go back to the Seeing Eye at around 14-16 months old, where they get a physical and (hopefully) complete their training to become guide dogs (no, puppies do not assemble lightsabers).

Our sixth Seeing Eye puppy, a male golden retriever whose name starts with an “F” arrives on Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2022. The Seeing Eye picks the names, and we don’t know their name until they arrive on our doorstep.

As is our tradition, we’re guessing at names. This time around, the hint is that it isn’t a human name (unlike our prior puppies, like Hank, Bob, and Steven). The following names came from friends on social media. Got one to add to the list? Post a comment below or let me know on Twitter or Mastodon.

Meet Forest!

And the answer is … Forest. No one guess the right answer … but we had lots of awesome guesses! Some folks pointed out that “Forest” can be a human name, though I think that’s typically spelled with two Rs (Forrest).

Puppy Name Guesses

  • Frito (ML)
  • Frisbee (ML)
  • Frodo (ML)
  • Fritz (JRF)
  • Fizbo (JTF)
  • Fenwick (PHN)
  • Frazzle (PHN)
  • Fuzzy (PHN)
  • Future (PHN)
  • Freeze (PHN)
  • Frizzle (PHN)
  • Forever (PHN)
  • Florida (PHN)
  • Freedom (PHN)
  • Falcon (TTH)
  • Fisto (JR)
  • Fudge (TG)
  • Frito (AS)
  • Fraggle (MM)
  • Freyja (MM)
  • Fuji (MM)
  • Fargo (MM)
  • Fubar (MM)
  • Farley (SY)
  • Fenway (KHK)
  • Farley (SW)
  • Frosty (WCH)
  • Flash (WCH)
  • Fresco (WCH)
  • Feist (NBA)
  • Falcor (NU)
  • Fetch (TK)
  • Fletch (TK)
  • Friday (SP)
  • Freddie (DH)
  • Faramir (NL)
  • Flint (GH)
  • Flintstone (GH)
  • Frodo (CK)
  • Fenrir (JD)
  • Flip (JeD)
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