RPG a Day 2023: Unplayed RPG You Enjoy

My favorite unplayed RPG that I enjoy (aside from ALIEN) is Modiphius’ Star Trek AdventuresI bought the core rulebook years ago, then invested further when Humble Bundle offered a 25-tome strong bundle of sourcebooks.

How could I say no to that? OK, sure, I still hadn’t played it … but consider all the books! Alpha Quadrant and Beta Quadrant Sourcebooks. Two mission compendiums (These Are the Voyages and Strange New Worlds, the latter having no connection to the streaming series). The Science Division Sourcebook! The Command Division Sourcebook! Heck, even Federation and Klingon battle titles!

I couldn’t say no … because one of these days, I’m gonna run this game … and then all those source books will be super helpful.

Right? Right.

And now, thanks to GenCon 2023, I may have my chance. I picked up the Captain’s Log Solo RPG for Star Trek Adventures because it combines role-playing, solo RPGs, and Star Trek … and the potential to use all those sourcebooks! (or at least a few of them).

And hey, now that we’re on the other side of the pandemic, there’s always the opportunity to run Star Trek at MEPACON (our regional game convention).

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Cover art for the Star Trek Adventures Game Master’s Screen. Credit: Modiphius.

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