Radio Active #85: War of the Pod People

Spring is looming larger, but just incase it gets waylaid by a late-winter storm, I decided to have a spring-themed surprise party for my wife. In geekier news, I started up a “Gamer Working Group” at my dayjob and re-launched my gaming group’s web site. There are no netheads in this show, but don’t worry — you’ll still be able to feed that net addiction with a round up of the podcasts I’m listening to.

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Radio Active #84: Not Dead Yet

Good news everyone! Nuketown Radio Active isn’t dead … and neither is Futurama.

On this episode of Radio Active I catch up on a year’s worth of happenings, talk about my new Picture a Day project, and take a look at some of the computer games that I’ve been playing during the hiatus.

In Netheads I uncover the Race for the Galaxy AI card game and Mutant Future, a science fiction RPG inspired by Gamma World.

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Radio Active #82: Invasion of the Mario Brothers

On this episode of Radio Active, StarGirl takes up soccer, NeutronLad becomes a preschooler, and I stop by The Tome podcast to geek out about the Eberron Campaign Guide.

Back at Nuketown, I talk about my new Nintendo DS Lite and some of the games I’ve picked up for it, learn how to make my own Star Wars crawl and surf through thousands of government regulations at

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