Radio Active #85: War of the Pod People

Radio Active PodcastSpring is looming larger, but just incase it gets waylaid by a late-winter storm, I decided to have a spring-themed surprise party for my wife.

In geekier news, I started up a “Gamer Working Group” at my day job and re-launched my gaming group’s web site.

There are no netheads in this show, but don’t worry — you’ll still be able to feed that net addiction with a round up of the podcasts I’m listening to.

Getting the Show

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Show Notes

  • Nuketown News
    • Spring Surprise
      • Surprised my wife with a Spring Garden Party, which will hopefully help her fend off the inevitable February blues.
    • Gamer Working Group

      • I started a new campaign at work, powered by Savage Worlds and taking place in The Day After Ragnarok setting.
      • We play once or twice a week over lunch. Fast and furious works well for the campaign, allowing us to get in a combat and some role-playing each session.
    • The GriffCrier Relaunched
      • My gaming group’s web site has been relaunched as a portal for our member blogs (but you’ll find plenty of campaign news and links to our ongoing campaign sites).
      • Useful experiment in running WordPress 3.x MultiSite, though I’m still finding more stuff broken at work than at home.
    • MLB At Bat 11

      • Speaking of baseball … spring training is under way, and the MLB At Bat 11 app is available! Just the dose of spring that my geeky brain needed.
  • Promo: Accidental Survivors
  • Podcast Roundup
    • Accidental Survivors Podcast
      • A modern era RPG who’s publication schedule has only been slightly more frequent than Radio Actives, but definitely worth a listen.
      • Recent episodes:
        • Episode 57: Villains You Love and Hate, CottageCon trilog
    • Order 66 Podcast
      • Star Wars: Saga Edition is dead, but this fan-produced podcast is still going strong. Great for anyone interested in Star Wars d20 role-playing.
      • Recent episodes
        • Series about different variant force traditions as well as the different degrees of robots. Great podcast.
    • The Secret Lair Podcast
    • D&D Podcast
    • Cato Daily Podcast
      • Political commentary from a libertarian perspective.
      • Recent episodes
        • PATRIOT Act, Reagan at 100, Constitutional challenges to ObamaCare, Department of Homeland Security on the chopping block, financial inquiry panel’s lack of conclusion.
    • Geek Acres
      • Commentary and fortitous finds from a 40-something geek dad.
      • Recent episodes
        • LEGO Agents, upcoming summer movies and other misc. thoughts from a geek dad
    • Fear the Boot
      • Rambling — but good — conversations about role-playing games. How to play them, how to play them better.
      • Recent episodes
        • One shot games, playing multiple PCs, going from being a GM to a player
    • Flagons and Dragons
      • Beer and gaming: two great things that go great together.
      • Recent episodes
        • Savage Worlds, Warhammer Fantasy, kids and gaming, introducing new players, character deat
    • HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast
      • A literary review podcast focusing on HP Lovecraft’s fiction
      • Recent episodes
        • The Curse of Yig, the Dunwich Horror, the Colour out of Space
  • Podcast RIP

    • Geek Survival Guide
    • Roll 2d6
    • Wicked Good Podcast
    • Dice Make Bonk
  • Promo: Random Signal
  • Outro
    • Promos wanted!
      • One of the downsides to being off the net for nearly a year is having stale and outdated promos. Please send more!
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