A black-and-tan male German Shepherd Dog takes a nap.

What about Bob?

Bob, our newest Seeing Eye puppy, arrived today. He’s an eight-week-old, black-and-tan German Shepherd Dog. He’s a pudgy little thing whose floppy ears haven’t figured out how to stand up yet (unlike Olaf, our previous German Shepherd for the Seeing Eye, who[…]

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A close up shot of a starship ornament in an evergreen tree. Another starship, blurry in appearance, is in the background.

The Geek Tree

What is the Geek Tree? It’s a Christmas tree with a speculative fiction theme. And what’s speculative fiction? Speaking broadly, it’s a genre comprised of science fiction, fantasy and horror, though in the case of the Geek Tree, it’s primarily sci-fi. The tree is re-built annually by Ken Newquist, Nuketown’s editor.

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