@NuketownSF: Masters of Umdaar, Agents of BAMF, Zeneography, Project Terminus, More ZineQuest

A recap of NuketownSF’s tweets for the week of February 21, 2021. GAMES | MASTERS OF UMDAAR is a Fate Accelerated setting inspired by John Carter of Mars, Flash Gordon, He-Man, and Thundercats. Sounds like great fodder for a one-shot or double-shot game night. #FATE #RPG Masters of Umdaar on DriveThruRPG. ZINEQUEST | AGENTS OF BAMF – … Read more

@NuketownSF: More Zinequest 3, X of Swords, Wanda Vision, FATE Condensed

A recap of NuketownSF’s tweets for the week of February 15, 2021. ZINEQUEST | HINTERLAND: PEOPLES AND PERILS – As someone running a hexcrawl, this zine – which focuses on wilderness exploration – is highly appealing. It features 19 random encounters & location prompts, which could be very handy when I’m scrambling to prep my lunchtime … Read more

@NuketownSF: Zinequest 3! Thru-Hiker, Infinite March, Planar Compass, Creature Feature

A recap of NuketownSF’s tweets for the week of January 31, 2021. Kickstarter’s annual #Zinequest is back! This month Nuketown will be promoting our favorite #Zinequest3 publications and resources, starting with the event’s homepage: https://www.kickstarter.com/zinequest ZINEQUEST | Zinequest 2021 @ Bone Box Chant – A huge list of all of the active and upcoming zines … Read more

@NuketownSF: Atomic Robo, Miles Morales, Titans, Cthulhu, Gloomhaven, Mountains of Madness

A recap of NuketownSF’s tweets for the week of January 24, 2021. COMICS & COFFEE | Atomic Robo & the Fightin Scientists of Tesladyne – The story of an intelligent robot created by Nikola Tesla and his adventures throughout the decades. Scratches a similar itch to Hellboy and B.P.R.D., but more lighthearted and less horrific. … Read more

@NuketownSF: Spider-man Noir, Thrawn, Tenet, X-Men, Zombies!

A recap of NuketownSF’s tweets for the week of January 17, 2021. COMICS & COFFEE | Spider-man Noir (2008) – It’s 1933 and crime bosses rule New York City as the Great Depression rages. A hero emerges from the shadows in the form of Peter Parker, a young man who gained strange powers after being bitten by … Read more

Blogworthy: Productivity, Inverted Controls, Sea Shanties, Iggwilv, The Mummy

Looking to improve your workflows, streamline your life, and de-stress your life in the new year? Check out “The Ultimate Guide To Productivity Methods“, Pocket’s round-up of productivity methods including “Eat The Frogs First Thing in The Morning” and “Productivity 101: How to Use Personal Kanban to Visualize Your Work”. Vegetarian Eggs Benedict with Spinach … Read more

@NuketownSF: Guardians of the Galaxy, Stellaris, WW84, Immortal She-Hulk

A recap of NuketownSF’s tweets for the week of January 10, 2021. COMICS & COFFEE | Guardians of the Galaxy 1 (2020) – Corrupted, power-mad Greek Gods from another universe invaded our galaxy; it’s up to Nova, Peter Quill, and the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop them. GAMES | STELLARIS – Compelling 4X space … Read more