Two board games under the geek tree.

Under the Geek Tree 2019

Board games and role-playing games vied for dominance under the Geek Tree this year with the arrival of Roll for the Galaxy, Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, and Vault of Dragons as well as the RPG books Eberron: Rising from the Last War and Alien: The Role-playing Game.[…]

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A lounge in space. A bar can be seen to the left; tables with seats look out on space on the right

Blogworthy: Baby Yoda Sleepytime, Unseen Enterprise, Doing Nothing, Electric State, Biohacking, Accidental Neighborhoods, Zeppelin Return, Limelight

“Go To Sleep Baby Yoda” Perfectly Captures the Torture of Putting a Toddler to Bed: Yeah … it’s pretty much exactly like that. The Unseen Enterprise-D: Forgotten Trek documents the portions of the Next Generation’s Enterprise that we never saw on the show. It’s filled[…]

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