NuketownSF: Weird OSR, Lunar Landers, Dark Sky Park, Cthulhu’s Fate, Lair of Secrets, Stolen Space Shuttle Plans

ZINES | GEEK NATIVE – As good as the first: Knock! 2 is a gazette of weird OSR insight #zines #osr

SPACE | CNN – The battle for the next lunar lander #space #moon

SPACE | CNN – The US and Canada have a new dark sky park for stargazers to enjoy #astronomy #space #wilderness

RPG | FATE OF CTHULHU – A great campaign with a great hook: traveling back in time to prevent Great Old Ones from rising. It’s darkly amusing that the apocalypses start in 2020. Might seem a little on the nose, but the book was published in 2019. Learn more at the Fate of Cthulhu webpage. #fate

TECHNOLOGY | CNN – Big Tech has its eyes set on the metaverse. Here’s what that means (the article specifically references Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk classic Snow Crash) #scifi #books

PODCAST | Lair of Secrets, Episode 11 – The podcast’s month-long slumber ends with Ken and David talking about Star Trek and Cory Doctorow’s Attack Surface, and then brainstorming their cryptid-inspired, Fate-based Army Corps of Engineers campaign #podcast #fate

TV | CNN – These reality shows are sending regular people to space. #space

SCIENCE | Discovery Magazine – Real-Life Rogue One How the Soviets Stole NASA’s Shuttle Plans #space

SCIENCE | QuantaMagazine – Eternal Change for No Energy: A Time Crystal Finally Made Real

RPG | THE FALL OF DELTA GREEN – A Gumshoe-powered take on the covert, anti-Mythos governmental agency known as Delta Green. I’d like to run it someday, but I’ll admit I got it primarily for the setting material. #rpg

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Cover art from Fate of Cthulhu. Credit: Evil Hat.

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