#RPGaDay2018 – Which game mechanic inspires your play the most?

A close up view of the spines of numerous role-playing game books.

Bennies in Savage Worlds, without a doubt. Players typically start with three bennies, which they can spend to re-roll checks and soak damage. Having three bennies at any given time means that players are comfortable with spending them and still having a reserve. I don’t have a problem with people hoarding bennies because I’m liberal … Read more

Evolving the RPG Form Factor

In a post about which game systems he’d love to own, my friend (and fellow Dire Paladin) Dr. Checkmate offered this throwaway line: “I would like to see more stuff in the square format of WotC’s Star Wars books and the smaller still format of SWEX. I’m not getting any younger and these books keep … Read more

GenCon 2007: The Big Pile of Loot

GenCon is over. And now I’ve got a huge pile of loot sitting in my gaming room, just waiting to be read. Amazingly, there’s not a single Dungeons & Dragons book to be found among the stack, not even the Expedition to Castle Greyhawk, which I was sorely tempted to buy, but resisted at the … Read more

Gen Con, Day 1: Spirit of the Century, Godlike, D&D 4E

The big buzz around the con today is the anticipated announcement of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, when the game will arrive, how it will be different from 3E, and what this means for the hobby. And that’s just what I heard while waiting in line for coffee. Then again, maybe they should have just … Read more

Game Day: Dreams of Distant GenCon

Technically, there’s no Game Day for me this week — while the guys are getting together for some Battletech, I’ll be joining some friends from work for a Tivo-fueled Battlestar Galactica marathon. I don’t know if we can get caught up in one night … but we’re going to try. At some point I want … Read more