#RPGaDay2018 – Which dice mechanic appeals to you?

A close up view of the spines of numerous role-playing game books.

Exploding dice (a.k.a. “acing dice”) in Savage Worlds is my favorite dice mechanic among the games that I regularly play. It’s led to some of the most epic moments I’ve had at the table and is in keeping with Savage Worlds “Fast! Furious! Fun!” motto. The best part of it is it that it leads to such unexpected results. Even … Read more

Gen Con, Day 1: Spirit of the Century, Godlike, D&D 4E

The big buzz around the con today is the anticipated announcement of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, when the game will arrive, how it will be different from 3E, and what this means for the hobby. And that’s just what I heard while waiting in line for coffee. Then again, maybe they should have just … Read more

Game Day: Dreams of Distant GenCon

Technically, there’s no Game Day for me this week — while the guys are getting together for some Battletech, I’ll be joining some friends from work for a Tivo-fueled Battlestar Galactica marathon. I don’t know if we can get caught up in one night … but we’re going to try. At some point I want … Read more

15 Questions

Matt Snyder (of 20by20room.com fame) recently posted a RPG meme topic to his blog. In it, he poses 15 questions about people’s gaming experiences. Here are my answers. 1. What is the first RPG you ever played? Some weird combination of 1st Edition AD&D and the basic set. At the time I was in 4th … Read more

A Godlike Resurrection

Godlike‘s the best superhero game I’ve played since my DC Heroes days in college. Ok, it’s also the only superhero game I’ve placed since DC Heroes, but that doesn’t change the fact that its an excellent game with an intriguing game mechanic. Godlike lets you take on the role of a relatively low-powered superhero fighting … Read more