15 Questions

Matt Snyder (of 20by20room.com fame) recently posted a RPG meme topic to his blog. In it, he poses 15 questions about people’s gaming experiences. Here are my answers. 1. What is the first RPG you ever played? Some weird combination of 1st Edition AD&D and the basic set. At the time I was in 4th … Read more

The Libertarian Gamer: Spycraft, Part 2

In The Libertarian Gamer: Spycraft, Part 1, I discussed the basic outline of the campaign and possible heroic organizations. But what’s a hero without a villain? The Villains Fortunately, when you’re running an espionage game, there are plenty to choose from! The traditional mad dictator, hellbent on world domination via some sort of super weapon, … Read more

The Libertarian Gamer: Spycraft, Part 1

Spycraft (Amazon) is Alderac’s d20-based game of modern espionage. It draws upon the classics of the genre — James Bond, Mission: Impossible, The A Team, Sneakers, Alias — to create a game that’s reminiscent of classic RPGs like James Bond: 007 and Top Secret. By default, the Spycraft source book assumes that the players are … Read more

Thoughts on the end of Shadowforce Archer

Recently, Alderac announced they were ending the Shadowforce Archer campaign setting (Internet Archive) for their Spycraft d20 espionage game. Naturally, fans of the setting were shocked and upset by this, but personally, I was happy about the news. When Spycraft first launched, I was excited — here was a game in the spirit of James … Read more

My Top Five All-Time Unfulfilled Dream RPG Campaigns

I watched High Fidelity the other night with my wife. It’s a movie in which the main character, played by John Cusak, is a music geek in love with vinyl. The movie’s peppered with his top five lists (both of music and break-ups) and it got me thinking about my own top five lists with … Read more