Contemplating a Libertarian RPG Campaign

I’ve been contemplating running a play-by-email campaign for a while now, and with the launch of the Libertarian Gamers Project I’ve decided to make it a campaign with a libertarian bent.

Offline, I’ve got a Dungeons & Dragons campaign (set in the World of Greyhawk) so for the online game I’m looking to run something different. My short list is:

  • Spycraft (modern espionage game, using a d20 rules variant)
  • Stargate SG-1 (based on the TV series, powered by the Spycraft rules)
  • Arcana Unearthed (Monte Cooke’s alternate Player’s Handbook

Of these three, Spycraft is the leading contender, as I’ve already got one interested player for that game. If anyone is interested in joining one of these games, please let me know — you can contact me using Nuketown’s Feedback Form.

I expect I’ll be launching this campaign in mid-September — I want to be sure I don’t do a half-assed kickoff, and I want at least one serial written before going live. And if I run Spycraft I’d like to get my hands on the Mastermind source book and possible the 1960s Decade Book before the campaign’s launch.

On a related note, thinking about this campaign — as well as ways of promoting the Libertarian Gamers Project — has led me to a new column on Nuketown: The Libertarian Gamer.

My plan is to compose one “libertarian gamer” write-up a week, which will focus on the intersection of gaming and libertarianism (and creating those intersections where they don’t already exist).

I’ll be speculating about how to introduce libertarian themes into a variety of RPGs, as well as discussing how the integration is working out in my own ongoing campaign. I plan to publish the column on Mondays.

The first one, offering some general ruminations about crafting a libertarian Spycraft campaign, is available now. Read the column.

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