Star Wars: The Storm Dragons of Tarl

The storm dragons are magnificent creatures hunt the hurricanes of the storm world of Tarl. The Outer Rim planet’s binary stars provide a constant source of energy for its moisture rich atmosphere, giving rise to an unending series of cyclones. The dragons constantly ride these storms, hunting the great airbag herbivores that dwell in storms’ eyes and battling each other for arial supremacy.

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Game Day: The Star Frontiers Legacy

 Star FrontiersThe first role-playing game I ever played was Dungeons & Dragons. The second was Star Frontiers. Saying I “played” Star Frontiers is something of a stretch; I game mastered one or two sessions in 8th grade and that was pretty much it. Except … it was much more than that. Star Frontiers grabbed the world-building part of my brain, and wouldn’t let go. I created the Starrior star system, and populated it with the benevolent megacorp known as Astro Mining & Freighting (or simply AMF). I detailed the vast starfleets of the United Planetary Federation and the smaller – yet still formidable – Starrior Milita.

I filled a three-ring binder background information, fleet configurations, and star maps that depicted the growing Starrior Republic which – looking back – was a sort of proto free market republic dedicated to fighting the threats that the UPF was too cowardly to engage (namely the vile Sathar invaders).

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The Advantage of Episodic Storytelling in the Star Wars RPG

 Rebellion Era Campaign GuideWhen I ran my Dungeons & Dragons/World of Greyhawk campaign, I constantly spawned new subplots, new NPCs, and new locations. It was intentional; my goal was to throw a wide net of possible plotlines, and let the players choose which ones to follow. By campaign’s end we probably had hundreds of unresolved storylines, but it wasn’t a problem because the important storylines – the defeat of the giants in the Grand Duchy of Geoff, the defeat of the orcish overlord Turrosh Mak, the liberation of Obsidian Bay – did reach their climatic ends.

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