Star Wars RPG Round Up: End of the Line, Author Blogs, Unknown Regions review

It’s a sad time for Star Wars: Saga Edition — Wizards of the Coast has killed its official web site for the role-playing and the miniatures games and is redirecting visitors to their home page. Fortunately, Rebel Alliance fans have managed to secure hidden caches of PDFs while Wizards has announced plans to restore some of the lost material to their forums.

In other semi-official news Unknown Regions authors Dan Wallace and Sterling Hershey have posted their end notes for the book to their respective blogs. In non-Wotc news there’s new material for the d6 and d20 editions of Star Wars, Order 66 has a number of new shows out, a review of Unknown Regions is up at Robot Viking and Bioware has preview of the new Sith Warrior class for its upcoming The Old Republic MMORPG.

WotC Role-Playing Game

The disappearance of WotC’s Star Wars site caught many of us by surprise (I for one thought it was going away in August). Fortunately, unofficial mirrors of the WotC content have been popping up. Wizards itself plans to re-post a bunch of content to their forums, including the errata for the source books and the Dawn of Defiance campaign.

While there is no longer a WotC Star Wars sites, several of the authors are still blogging about the line:

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