Star Wars RPG Roundup: WotC’s Postfest, Scavenger’s Guide reviewed, Order 66 #100

Wizards of the Coast’s Star Wars license expires in May, and their web site is going away in August, so they’re posting as much of their unpublished content as possible to the web. There’s so much, in fact, that I can’t include it all in one round up — look for another edition later this month.

At the same time, things have gotten epic at the Order 66 podcast, which just released its supersized 100th episode,’s released a new species and feat for the game, and I’ve added a write-up on the Ghost Walk Cluster to my campaign wiki.

WotC Role-Playing Game

  • Message to Spacers 5: Baas-class Space Station
  • Message to Spacers 6: Starfeld Industries Z-10 Seeker
  • Message to Spaces 7: The Cygnus Spaceworks Alpha-class XG-1 “Star Wing”
  • Preview: Unknown Regions A look at the final source book for Saga Edition. This book focuses on the scout class and the theme of exploring the far reaches of the galaxy. It includes 10 new worlds, expanded rules for hazards, and a bunch of new heroic feats/talent options.
  • Scenario: 25 to Rescue: From the encounter text: “In the midst of the Clone Wars, Separatist invaders lay siege to the planet Christophsis, pounding Republic defenders throughout the planet’s crystalline cities. During the fighting, clone forces learn that the enemy has captured 25 technicians and other civilians. In a hastily arranged rescue mission, nearby heroes must rush to save as many prisoners as possible before a starship arrives to transport them offworld.”

WotC Miniatures Game


  • Scavenger’s Guide to Droids: My review of the droids source book, which includes a new light-weight “protocol” format for running droids as equipment, a new droid creation system that echos the species system for other characters, and a hefty collection of new droid threats (a la Threats of the Galaxy).

Blogs, Forums and Wikis


  • Order 66 Episode 100: Epic: A huge (as in 4 hours, 38 minutes) long rambling podcast featuring the regular crew plus special guests Sam Witwer, Chuck Hirstius, Gary Astleford, Gary Sarli, and Chris West. Download the MP3.
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