Open Polling for Nuketown’s Monster Week

The Discovery Channel has Shark Week. That’s all well and good — sharks are equal parts terrifying and fascinating — but why limit yourself to one species? This summer Nuketown is launching Monster Week — one full week dedicated to the best in cinematic horror. We’re going to have movie reviews, soundtrack reviews, blog and game posts inspired by said movies, and — if I can swing it — feature length audio commentary for a film.

The big question is … what movies? I plan on featuring seven monster flicks, focusing on post-Jaws era. They don’t need to be straight up horror movies — in fact, I’m just as happy to review later day creature features. I’m also looking to come up with at least one monster per major environment (e.g. space, desert, arctic) so as to avoid overlap. The key is that they need to be realistic monsters; I’m not looking for supernatural horrors like Freddie and Jason.

Here’s my tentative list, comprised of some of my all-time favorite monster flicks? Who would you add to it? Who’s on your list? And which of these would you like to see a feature-length Nuketown commentary track for?

  • Aliens (space): It’s hard to choose between Alien and Aliens but the sequel has the queen AND a fully operational hive. And, oh yeah, kickass space marines.
  • Cloverfield (giant monster): Great homage to Godzilla with modern sensibilities. Far better than the Godillza remake.
  • Deep Rising (ocean): It appeals to the gamer in me: giant squid creature attacks an ocean liner then retreats, leaving the band of merc pirates who’d planned to conquer the ship utterly confused
  • Jaws (ocean, natural predator): The first creature feature blockbuster of the modern age.
  • Predator (jungle): Schwarzenegger vs. an alien big game hunter in the depths of a jungle.
  • The Thing (arctic): Truly alien horror coupled with psychological terror.
  • Tremors (desert): Giant worms that travel underground threaten a secluded desert town; it’s the token monster comedy here.

Monster Week is tentatively schedule for July. If you’re interested in participating in Monster Week — either by contributing something to Nuketown or posting something on your own web site — please leave a comment or email me at

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