Star Wars RPG Roundup: Mythmaking, Message to Spacers, Condition Track

The cornucopia of Star Wars: Saga Edition content continues this week with a 5-part series from Wizards of the Coast about “Mythmaking in Star Wars”, which talks about adapting Joseph Campbell’s monomyth theories to role-playing games. They’ve also go two new ships detailed in “Message to Spaces”: Crusader-class Corvette and the Heraklon-class Transport.

In blog news, Level 1 GM details the opening of her new Star Wars campaign, the d6-powered Emergence Campaign Blog offers a NPC villain write-up and a recounting of a recent game session, and Newbie GM talks about adapting the Saga Edition condition track to Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. Finally, Order 66 is back with two new episodes — the first discussing NPC creation with Sterling Hershey and the second talking about ways to incorporate Star Wars imagery and a 3D feel into your campaign.

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