Game Day: Crowdsourcing a Starship Crew’s Planetside Adventures

On Thursday I was busy writing a one-shot Star Wars: Legacy Era adventure, and wracking my brain about where the crew of the freighter Dark Nebula might take a break while visiting Ord Killan. I didn’t want to use yet another encounter in a cantina, so I decided to poll Twitter for ideas. I got a huge number of responses, which I’ve compiled below.

I used some of these ideas in my adventure, creating a gambling den frequented by the flightdeck crew (which the PCs didn’t visit) and a high-profile swoop bike race for them to gamble on. I also made the race the big event being talked about in town and at the spaceport, and it became the backdrop at the Planetfall Cantina, a drinking hole that I’d used in a previous adventure, and included again for continuity’s sake. Of course, having done the extra work, the PCs ended up going to the Planetfall Cantina (which is what I’d been avoiding at the start, but hey, whatever works). Still, I’ve got this great list, and I plan on using it again for future adventures. Many thanks to everyone who contributed!

@RobertKosten – a 0g spa; a fastfood joint primarily designed for alien physiques; a theatre showing shakespeare (in the original klingon)

@mattperrin – Hanger? Repair bay? Customs? Jail? Charter flight office? Commodity exchange? Marketplace? Droid programmer? Black Market? Loan shark? Betting hall? Pod race? Arena? Junkyard? Swap Meet?Drug den? Training center? Imperial recruiter? Diner? Spy agent?

@LancerX – A new starship show? (Like scifi version of the New York boat show, etc.? Or maybe the equivalent of a hot rod shop?

@entrebat – planet-side might include sporting events, plays, concerts, local libraries, museums or even pick up a few parts?

@rcoder If the crew were gearheads, they’d have a favorite hardware or parts store. Also, somewhere to eat that wasn’t the on-ship mess.

@roguepuppet space equivalent of a diner? The AstroPub? Galactic internet cafe? Any sort of public garden or park to get dirt under foot?

@jesshartley Things I’d do planetside – shop, enjoy dirt/living things/flowing water, sight-see, EAT fresh food, do things I couldn’t do aship

@mackensen shipping office dealing with a fouled-up manifest?

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