RPG a Day 2022 – When were you first introduced to RPGs?

A view of two dozen role-playing game books.

My mom got me the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (the Moldvay boxed set, to be specific) sometime in 1981 or ’82. It’s hard to say exactly when; the Moldvay edition was released in 1981, and the next revision didn’t come until 1983. I got it sometime between those two dates. The exact timing doesn’t … Read more

RPG a Day 2022 – Who would you like to introduce to RPGs?

My initial thought was … no one. I already introduced Dungeons & Dragons to my kids, and frankly, it feels like everyone my age who wants to be playing role-playing games is playing role-playing games. Except, as I dig into that thought a little more, I realized I’ve got options (if not time). RPG Dinner … Read more

NuketownSF: Extragalactic planet, Starliner, Wheel of Time, Pac-Man, Fantasy AGE, COVID Hoax Updates

Two sword wielding human adventurers try to fend off serpentfolk

Nuketown’s tweets for the weeks of October 11 through Oct. 25, 2021. SPACE | CNN – NASA discovers first possible planet outside our galaxy. MOVIES | CNN – Warner Bros. sets ‘Dune’ sequel for 2023 after strong box office opening. The spice must flow, again. SPACE | CNN – Crucial test for Boeing’s Starliner, built to carry humans, … Read more

RPG-a-Day 2021: Weapon

A male adventurer wields a black sword covered in stars

My World of Greyhawk campaign started over 30 years ago, with the seeds being planted in my college campaign at Lock Haven University. It’s continued, on and off, ever since. During that time, it’s featured a number of unique weapons, a few of which I detailed below. Blackrazor: The legendary, soul-sucking sword inspired the name of my … Read more

RPG-a-Day 2021: Tactics

Long ago, my gaming group came up with a list of tactics for the Blackrazor Guild, our notoriously chaotic adventuring company in the World of Greyhawk setting. Full frontal assault Spring the ambush, fight your way out. Party member as bait. Stake out a cow. Don’t Split up the party; you’ll just have to chase them down … Read more

RPG-a-Day 2021: Scenario

A spread of RPG books

When I think of scenarios, I think of conventions. I think tightly focused, 3-4 hour-long sessions, usually with pre-generated characters and flexible, but straightforward, story arc. I find scenario writing a very different exercise from prepping for my weekly campaign-style games. Most of our campaigns have been heavily serialized, with overarching stories that continue on … Read more

RPO Replay: Dungeons & Dragons

The Ready Player One Replay is an exploration of the games that inspired the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Quote … hundreds of polyhedral dice like those used in old tabletop role-playing games. — Ready Player One p. 10 A freeze-frame of this scene appears nearly identical to a painting by Jeff Easley that appeared on … Read more

Blogworthy: Strange Worlds, Racing to Stay Alive, Ancient Stars, Dyslexia D&D, Camping, The Matrix as a Trans Metaphor

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Returning To Planet-Of-The-Week Stories & TOS Optimism, Says Alex Kurtzman – Yes, please! Invisible rogue planets without stars? NASA’s new space telescope could find hundreds of them – Speaking of strange new worlds, NASA is looking for some. Racing to Stay Alive – When I run, I just run. I don’t give a … Read more

Backing ZineQuest 2

ZineQuest 2 is Kickstarter’s now-annual homage to the handcrafted print zines of yesteryear. As someone who crafted a print zine with my friends using my Commodore 64 and a dot matrix printer, I have a lot of love for the idea. For those who never experienced them, zines are fan-produced publications dedicated to any number of … Read more

Weather in RPGs – Advice, Generators, and Tables

An example of weather in RPGs - lightning strikes down from clouds over the ocean. Darkened land can be seen to the right.

Bad snow storms and extreme weather scuttled many a Game Day over the years. They throw our RPG gaming lives into chaos, and while being able to fall back to Roll20 can help the game go on … it’s useless when it comes to shoveling snow or bailing out the basement. Just as a Nor’easter … Read more